Some of my first memories as a child are going to the barbershop with my father.  I remember the smell of the shop, the clean checkered floors, classic Belmont chairs, Playboys on the waiting table, Lucky Strikes in the barber’s hands, and a long line of men waiting for cuts.   My life has taken me in many directions : education, military, family, church, success, failure, etc...At 43 I woke up and said I wanted to be a barber. Simple as that, I set myself on a path to follow a lifelong passion to become one.  Bull & Bear Barber is the idea that encompasses all classic barber styles and techniques with modern twists.  With me, the customer is first and the experience that they have while in my chair is my priority. Attention to detail is my trademark. From the first handshake to the after shave applied once your cut is completed, my hope is that customers become lifelong clients.